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Hi! I am Shravant

Developer and Co-Founder of The KinBiz. There is no doubt at all about, the man is the finest creation among all in this animated world. ‘Education’ made man supreme today. And Education is not a new concept, It is as old as the human race. Learning is the ladder that helps a man to cater to Education.

      My motto is to share the experience that I acquired regarding Healthy-Wealth. Health and Wealth are two crucial factors for man. Several ways are there to create wealth But lack of adequate Knowledge, one fails to attain his estimated goals. Without a pre-plan or blueprint, it is too hard to reach the destination but decent planning and skill of patience can change one’s destiny.

        My hobby is to learn something new. Such a kind of hobby has been making my life busy always for the last couple of years. What I experimented with myself is on, Photo Editing (With Adobe Photoshop), Video Editing(With Edius, Adobe Premiere, After Effects), Designing (With Adobe Illustrator), Web Designing. I enjoyed them a lot. All those are very handy to use. Those are very helpful today to keep pace with the digital world. These days so many online logos demanding sites are also there. design crowd is one of the leading sites among them.

        I have also tried to experience in Trading. I invested in Share Market. Got a few bitter and also some sweeter experience. I will share those experiences on this platform, The KinBiz. I got a brief idea about trading in Equity Market, Commodity market. And also how Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis are two weapons to get profit in the Share Market as well as how a good stock can be Identified through a screener.

       To get all these ideas, techniques to enhance your skills in making your healthy wealth please keep reading and get always in touch with my site to enable yourself to update.

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