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about the kinbiz

Hi! I am Shravant

The Developer and Cofounder of The KinBiz. Man is the finest creation among all in this animated world. Education is the key to make man supreme today. Education is not a new concept, It is as old as the human race. Learning is the ladder that helps a man to cater to Education.

My motto is to share valuable contents to broaden knowledge regarding Health, Wealth, and Education. These three are crucial factors for man, and these factors are interdependent on each other. Human needs are unlimited. The fulfillment of  These needs directly depends on wealth. Several ways are there to create wealth But the lack of adequate Knowledge, one fails to attain his estimated goals. Without a pre-plan or blueprint, it is too hard to reach the destination, but decent planning and skill of patience can change one’s destiny.

My hobby is learning something new. Such a kind of hobby has been making my life busy, always for the last couple of years. I experimented with myself on, Photo Editing (With Adobe Photoshop), Video Editing (With Edius, Adobe Premiere, After Effects), Designing (With Adobe Illustrator), Web Designing. I enjoyed them a lot. All those are very handy to use. Those are very helpful today to keep pace with the digital world. Today so many online logos demanding sites are also there. Design crowd is one of the leading sites among them.

I have also tried to experience Trading. I do invest in the Share Market. I got a few bitter and also some sweeter experiences with the market. I wish to share all those experiences with you, which lead to creating such a platform “The KinBiz”, with the help of my closest friend Hemant. I got a brief idea about trading in Equity Market, Commodity market. And also how Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis are two weapons to get profit in the Share Market as well as how a good stock can be Identified through a screener.

To get all these ideas, techniques to enhance your skills in making your healthy wealth please keep reading and get always in touch with my site to enable you to update. 


Hi! I am Hemant

                                   An author of The KinBiz. In fact, my self R.N.Tamarapu, (B.Sc, B.Ed, M.A in Education, M.Sc in Botany). Working as a secondary school teacher in a Govt. High school from 2007. I have a lot of faith in learning. “Learning is a lifelong process”, it’s my belief.

The reason behind bringing this platform

History is evident about what man was. But how we are today is very well known to all of us. Thanks to the era of science and technology, which shaped to reform a dynamic view of this twenty-first century, we are what we are today. Glad to say, now man has conquered both time and space. No wrong will be there if it is said, “Today’s world is a global village.” Enormous changes have occurred in all aspects like social, cultural, biological, etc. around the globe, during this decade (2011-2020). The future expectations are very high for the coming decade (2021-2030).

The Barriers of our Future Progress

We all may quite happy with such expectations. But it’s not real-time to make fun. Because of there emerging a huge barrier in front of us as a “Challenge.” Can you imagine? what is that challenge? Yes, the answer is “Our Progress.”
If we compare today’s progress with that of the last few decades, it’s quite easy for us to identify the rate of progress in the current decade, which is very high. Now the question is, can our next generation keep pace with these flying technological changes? If yes, then imagine, how today’s educational system should be.
Though Education is the keystone in building a strong nation, every nation tries to give priority to provide quality education to its citizens. Today’s child is the future citizen of the country. The system of education must be qualitative. Also, to thrive in a good society the role of a teacher is pivotal.

Role of a Teacher

A teacher must be honest, trustworthy, resourceful, dedicated, and should have a great will to take responsibility. “Nothing is static, everything in this world or universe is ever-changing”. keeping in view this universal truth, a teacher must be an ever-going learner. He must have the ability to keep pace with the changes around because education is meaningless unless it achieves the goal of all-round development.

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