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Best mutual funds to invest in 2021

Investment is a process of wealth creation for man. Every wise person always thinks about, how he can boost his money. For boosting money he invests his capital in many ways. There are so many ways to invest in creating wealth. Among them, Mutual funds have emerged as one of the best investment options for the last few couples of years. If you are also in search of wealth creation, then read my article “Best mutual funds to invest in 2021” till the end. I am sure, you will opt to decide the right one to invest in mutual funds with your suitable situations.

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How do a candle form in Candlestick Chart?

Stock charts are a great tool for technical analysts in the stock market. Candlestick charts are being used widely among traders around the globe. During trading, a kind of design that is formed by a stock with its price action of OPEN-price, LOW-price, HIGH-price, and CLOSE-price in a stipulated time period is called a candle.

mid cap stocks

What is considered as Mid Cap Stocks in India?

Companies with a market capitalization or market value between 5000 Cr. and 20000 Cr are termed as Mid cap (mid-capitalization). This indicates that the companies having such capitalization of 5000 Cr to 20000 Cr. And As the name implies such categorized (mid-cap company) stocks are placed in between Large-Cap and small-cap stocks. A mid cap company falls within the middle between large-cap or big-cap and small-cap companies. Classifications, like large-cap, mid cap, and small-cap are approximations of a company’s current value; intrinsically, they’ll change over time.

small-cap stocks

What are small cap stocks?

The Most higher risk-tolerant and Aggressive investors are attracted towards small cap companies for investment in the hope of earning high returns. Recently I read an article “Smallcap stocks may continue to beat large-caps in 2021. Here’s why” on the Economic Times website. which made me curious to write an article on Small cap-Stocks. Which …

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Toyota unveils new fuel cell car in fresh push on hydrogen technology

Japan`s Toyota Motor Corp put its revamped Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car, with 30% greater range, on sale on Wednesday in a fresh push to promote the zero-emission technology amid rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles, including its own. Toyota has failed until now to win drivers over to fuel cell vehicles (FCV), which remain …

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1 in 7 Studies in Nutrition Journals Have Food Industry Ties

Nutrition, Food & Recipes News WEDNESDAY, Dec. 16, 2020 (HealthDay News) It’s common for studies in leading nutrition journals to have ties with the food industry, and such studies are more likely to have findings that support industry interests, researchers report. They reviewed all peer-reviewed studies published in 2018 in the 10 most-cited nutrition and …

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