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Top 5 Leading Education Stocks In India for Portfolio

education stocks

When schools and universities are again starting offline lessons,  Some education stocks and related are here to consider. Many parents are showing interest,  especially for younger students, who can substitute real teachers and the in-person learning experience. Which makes an advantage to boost tech companies that are linked to well-established underlying firms. Now NEP 2020 …

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What is Forex trading? A brief note for a Beginner 2021

forex trading

What is Forex Trading? forex trading (Foreign exchange trading) is an international market that helps to buy and sell currencies. At $6.6 trillion, it is 25 times larger than all the world’s stock markets. Foreign exchange trading dictates the exchange rates for all flexible rate currencies. As a result, rates change constantly for the currencies …

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Mid Cap Stocks are better picks to Invest-2021

mid cap stocks

Companies with a market capitalization or market value between 5000 Cr. and 20000 Cr are termed as Mid cap (mid-capitalization). This indicates that the companies having such capitalization of 5000 Cr to 20000 Cr. And As the name implies such categorized (mid-cap company) stocks are placed in between Large-Cap and small-cap stocks. A mid cap company falls within the middle between large-cap or big-cap and small-cap companies. Classifications, like large-cap, mid cap, and small-cap are approximations of a company’s current value; intrinsically, they’ll change over time.

What are small cap stocks?

small-cap stocks

The Most higher risk-tolerant and Aggressive investors are attracted towards small cap companies for investment in the hope of earning high returns. Recently I read an article “Smallcap stocks may continue to beat large-caps in 2021. Here’s why” on the Economic Times website. which made me curious to write an article on Small cap-Stocks. Which …

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What is the Stock market?

stock market

What Stock market is: A stock market is very well known to all as a share market or the equity market. Here buyers and sellers aggregate stocks (shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded privately, such as shares of …

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