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What is Forex trading? A brief note for a Beginner 2021

forex trading

[lwptoc hideItems=”1″] What is Forex Trading? forex trading (Foreign exchange trading) is an international market that helps to buy and sell currencies. At $6.6 trillion, it is 25 times larger than all the world’s stock markets. Foreign exchange trading dictates the exchange rates for all flexible rate currencies. As a result, rates change constantly for …

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Mid Cap Stocks are better picks to Invest-2021

mid cap stocks

Companies with a market capitalization or market value between 5000 Cr. and 20000 Cr are termed as Mid cap (mid-capitalization). This indicates that the companies having such capitalization of 5000 Cr to 20000 Cr. And As the name implies such categorized (mid-cap company) stocks are placed in between Large-Cap and small-cap stocks. A mid cap company falls within the middle between large-cap or big-cap and small-cap companies. Classifications, like large-cap, mid cap, and small-cap are approximations of a company’s current value; intrinsically, they’ll change over time.

What are small cap stocks?

small-cap stocks

The Most higher risk-tolerant and Aggressive investors are attracted towards small cap companies for investment in the hope of earning high returns. Recently I read an article “Smallcap stocks may continue to beat large-caps in 2021. Here’s why” on the Economic Times website. which made me curious to write an article on Small cap-Stocks. Which …

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What is the Stock market?

stock market

What Stock market is: A stock market is very well known to all as a share market or the equity market. Here buyers and sellers aggregate stocks (shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded privately, such as shares of …

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