How big is our Universe?



Have you thought ever about HOW BIG IS OUR UNIVERSE? It is quite impossible for the mind of a human to conceive a true picture of the size of the universe.

We not only don’t know how big our Universe is but also it’s hard for us even to imagine how big our Universe might be. If we start from our Living Planet, the Earth, and move out, we’ll see why this is so. We all Know The earth is a part of the solar system, but it is a very tiny part of it (The Solar System). The solar system consists of a sun, the planets that revolve around the sun, the asteroids, which are tiny planets, and meteors. Now, this whole solar system of ours is only a tiny part of a much bigger system. That system we call our “galaxy.”

Many millions of stars together are There in A galaxy, and many of which may be much larger than our sun, they may also have solar systems of their own. And the stars which we see in our galaxy are called “the Milky Way,” in fact those stars we call are all suns.

Those stars are all so far away. Their distances are measured in light-years instead of in miles. As per scientific records, the Light travels about 6,000,000,000,000 miles in a year. Alpha Century is one of the nearest to the earth. So it looks brighter to us. It is 25,000,000,000,000 miles away from earth. But still, we’re talking only about our own galaxy, Its width is to be about 100,000 light believed years in. This means 100,000 times of 6,000,000,000,000 miles! Therefore our galaxy is only a tiny part of a larger system.

Probably there are millions of galaxies out beyond the Milky Way. And all these galaxies put together are still only a part of some larger system! That is the reason why it is impossible for us to have an idea of the size of the universe. But Incidentally, scientists believe that the universe is expanding. As per the scientific view, every few billion years two galaxies will find themselves twice as far apart as they were before!

Why the Universe the way it is


So far we know, there is no reason why the solar system is arranged exactly as it is. But It might have been arranged differently, just as there are other solar systems in the universe arranged differently. This has to do with the way it originated. And man has discovered certain laws of nature that seem to keep the solar system in its present pattern.

like the other planets, Earth itself follows its path, or orbit, around the sun. It takes a period of time that the earth takes to go around the sun is called a year. The other planets also have their own orbits and differ by larger or smaller than the earth.

How the planets came to have the size and how it possible this solar system came to be. Astronomers cannot fully explain All about their location, and orbits they have. But there have two main types of theories. One type of theory suggests that the formation of the planets was a part of the gradual change of the sun from a whirling mass of hot gas to its present size and brilliance. The planets formed as small whirling masses in the giant gas and dust cloud as it turned.

Another group of theories is based on the idea that at some time. Once there was a near-collision between the sun and another star passing nearby. In such collision, Large pieces of the sun were pulled away. And they began to revolve around the sun at different distances, Those are now planets. It is too difficult to say, which theory is right. But the solar system came to be as it now is more or less by chance.

Then Why does the Solar System stay this way?


According to Kepler’s Laws, All planets travel about the sun in an elliptical (oval) path; that a planet moves faster in its orbit as it nears the sun, and that there is a relation between its distance from the sun and the time it takes to make an orbit.

Newton’s Law of Gravitation of which Kepler’s three laws were an indispensable part. He explained how two objects attract each other So the solar system remains as it is because certain laws of nature maintain the relationship of the sun and the planets.

Definitely, It is hard for us to believe. but when we look at the stars that shine at night and the sun that shines by day, We are looking at the same kinds of objects! The sun is really a star. It is only because of the fact that the Sun is the nearest star to the earth. And we all know, our life depends on the sun. Without the heat of the sun, life could not have started on earth.

Approximately, the distance of the sun is 93,000.000 miles from the earth. And there would be no green plants, no animals, no human beings without sunlight. As per astronomy, the volume or the bulk, of the sun, is about 1,300,000 times that of the earth!

The Sun

It is quite an exciting thing about the sun is that it is not a solid body like the earth. But the temperature on the surface of the sun is about 6,000 degrees centigrade. It is hot enough to change any metal or rock into a gas. so the shape of the sun must be a globe of gas. Many Years ago, scientists believed that the reason the sun shone or gave off light and heat was that it was burning. But wonder to note here that the sun has been hot for hundreds of millions of years, and nothing could remain burning for that long.

Today’s science believes that the heat of the sun is the result of a process similar to what takes place in an atom bomb. Changing matter into energy is a continuous process in the sun. This is different from burning. Due to Burning, it changes matter from one form to another.

But when the matter is changed into energy, very little matter is needed to produce a great deal of energy. Only Twenty-eight grams of matter could produce enough energy to melt more than a million tonnes of rock! So if science is right, the sun keeps shining because that process of it is constantly changing matter into energy. And just one percent of the sun’s mass would provide enough energy to keep it hot for 150 thousand million years!

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