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Applied Psychology

In a broader sense, there are two branches of psychology. i.e. 1. pure psychology and 2. applied psychology. The previous branches belong to the pure branch.

The knowledge of such pure branches is applicable to the modification of human behavior in some practical fields. Such fields where the knowledge of psychology is being applied are called applied psychology. Few branches of this category (Applied psychology) are as follows.

1.Clinical Psychology:

Such kind of applied psychology deals with the study of the behavior of a particular individual client or patient. Psychiatrists generally use this knowledge of clinical psychology to diagnose the behaviors of their clients or patients.

Attempts can be taken to help people get rid of their abnormal behaviors to make better adjustments in society.

2.Industrial and Business Psychology:

As the name shows the knowledge of psychology, it uses in the area of industry and business. Such kind of knowledge helps to apply attempts, made to develop a good working relationship among workers and supervisory staff. For the selection of the right people for the right jobs, for increasing output, etc.

The knowledge of business psychology is applicable to attract customers by giving attractive advertisements.

3.Criminal Psychology:

Criminal Psychology is an essential field of psychology that helps to study the behavior of criminals. The various factors that cause crime-socio-economic, biological, and cultural. It has recommended means for reformation and retraining of the criminal and has suggested suitable programs of rehabilitation.

It has strengthened the movement for establishing juvenile courts, reception homes, guidance clinics, training schools.

4.Educational Psychology:

Educational Psychology is the study of human behavior in educational environments. That mainly deals with the problems of teaching and learning as created by social situations, classroom, and group interactions. Educational Psychology, too, suggests the procedure and methods of education.

It is an essential branch of applied psychology that immensely contributes to the theory and practice of education. It has direct relevance to the teacher training programs. Therefore, its purpose and scope will be dealt with in detail in the subsequent article.

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