Learning is the modification of behavior-6 powerful methods

learning methods

Learning is the modification of behavior Before studying “The top 6 learning methods in defining learning as the modification of behavior”, it must be understood that learning is a process and the different characteristics of learning. Learning: as a process           Many people think that learning is confined only to the classroom and it is the sole …

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Problems of Adolescence.

problems of adolescence

Problems of Adolescence A detailed discussion about the various developmental characteristics and the Problems of adolescence are described In this context. An analysis of these characteristics and needs definitely will throw some light on the problems faced at the adolescent. Because there is a direct relationship between these three factors of various developments such as physical, …

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Adolescence is an important stage: A teacher to understand


 This is a span of years during which boys and girls move from childhood to adulthood mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Adolescence is a period of stress and strain. And it is the stage of mal-adjustment for an individual. This is a period of experience of complexity for both boys and girls. Those all about because of the nature of the physical and mental development of the individual.

Needs of Adolescence: A complete guide for a teacher 2021

needs of adolescence

At the time of formulating the objectives of education and framing the curricula, a teacher must take into consideration the needs and requirements of the adolescents. Because, unless the needs of the adolescents are reflected upon the system of education, it would merely be a waste and failure. Therefore, a teacher must understand the special needs of adolescents.

Psychology: It has a big role in education for teachers 2021


Here we are going to discuss below “What is the importance of Psychology in Education?”
The very often said statement “A teacher is born, but not made.” but you know it lacks some truth in it. When we say that a teacher is born, It can be presumed that he is an end in himself. But a teacher can never be an end in himself, rather he is a means to an end. How much a teacher may be qualified, he always requires a new attitude, skill, knowledge, and experience, to cater to the demands of the day and also the present generation of pupils.


applied psychology

In a broader sense, there are two branches of psychology. i.e. 1. pure psychology and 2. applied psychology. The previous branches belong to the pure branch. The knowledge of such pure branches is applicable to the modification of human behavior in some practical fields. Such fields where the knowledge of psychology is being applied are called applied psychology. Few branches of this category (Applied psychology) are as follows.


growth and development

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT The role of a teacher is vital today. There is a huge difference between a teacher-centered education and a child-centered education. In teacher-centered education, the process of learning depends on the interest of a teacher, but in child-centered education, the learning process depends according to on the need of a child. That …


What are the Different Branches of Psychology – 2021

Branches of Psychology

Branches of Psychology Before the study of Educational Psychology, Let’s try to understand the Branches of Psychology. From the foregoing discussion “importance of psychology in Education,” it is inferred that psychology deals with the behavior of the individual in various situations. Psychologists have tried to study behavior taking place in different conditions. So it has …

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