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Web hosting-How to select a reliable host for your 1st Blog?

What is Web hosting? How to select a good Web Hosting


What is Web Hosting and why do we need to buy Web Hosting? How Many Good Hosting Companies Are There? In this article I will make you more skeptical about this hosting

Generally, files on our computer can only be accessed by us, so if we keep them only on our computer, how can people read them on the Internet?

With technology and web developers, we can install Xamp using software such as a computer, knowing that it can only be accessed by us and not by the outside world.

How can everyone find mapping files on the Internet?

Hence some large companies are storage providers. We buy some storage from that company and put our files in that storage so that everyone can access the internet.
The storage we buy is technically called hosting. Your understanding of what hosting means now I think.

What kind of hosting is there?

1.Partner hosting
2.Cloud hosting
3.Vps hosting
There are several types of hosting. But for those who are just starting out, sharing a hosting plan is a must
They are useful for cloud hosting, VPS hosting small business or high traffic sites. How Many Plans Are There For Partner Hosting? What plan do we decide?

Plans on shared hosting: –

These are called by a single name for each company. But futures are all the same.

These are called by a single name for each company. But futures are all the same.

• Single Web Hosting (starter pack)
Multi-domain pack
Business Web hosting. (Multi-domain with extra features)

But what is the difference between these three plans?

  1. You can only manage one website in a single web hosting plan.
  2. In Multi Web Hosting you can create more than one website or blog.
  3. Now you can create more than one blog in business hosting but there are some futures in addition to the futures in multi web posting.

There are many web hosting companies in the internet market. But which company should I buy from? What should I consider web hosting?

How to decide if a hosting is good hosting: –

• price (price)
Eas Easy to Use (Easy to Access and Manage)
Customer support
Ser server uptime


Price is a very important factor. When we have a lot of companies in the market we need to check how the price is in any company. We need to make sure that the plan needed for our website comes in any way.
In some hosting companies the prices are very high and the starting price is higher than what we bought. And hosting our blog is not a small thing for us to take at a low price.

Easy to manage: –

If you search the internet about the hosting provider you are taking, a lot of information will come.
In this we have to talk about C-panel as well as user interface (user interface – UI).

In some hosting providers the C-panel as well as the interface is very cumbersome which is a huge headache for those who are just starting a blog.
So clean interface Choose hosting that is understandable even to those who are just starting blogging.
This way you will not have to go to another person for technical support.

Customer Support: –

Customer support is the most important factor.
If there is any technical error in your blog, you will be contacted immediately. Customer Support. Customer Support How does our hosting company provide?
All the companies on the internet claim 24/7 customer support but that is not true.

I have taken this hosting from big bloggers or digital market ars and hear that customer support is great.
Based on what they say, they will be in touch with customer support whenever there is a technical error in their blog. Customer support will respond immediately and provide them with the support they need.
However, some companies may not provide technical support as soon as you are contacted.

Check out some reviews on the internet about how that company’s customer support is before taking on hosting. Don’t buy anything without doing some research.

Server Up Time: –

Uptime is the amount of time our server is connected to the Internet.
If our blog is connected to the internet 24 hours a day then the uptime is 100%.
How to calculate up time.
Assuming 30 days per month, 30 × 24 = 720 hours. That’s 720 hours a month.
However, if the server downtime is 5 hours in a month, then 720-5 = 715.
(715/720) /100=99.3% Server Uptime Annamata.
Websites like Uptime Robot and Pingdom are available to find out the server uptime of your blog.
By now you will understand that the longer the uptime time, the better the performance.

Server up time ranges from 99.5% to 99.9% on all hosting providers.
What is the difference between shared hosting and DEDICATED hosting?
Shared hosting means hosting all the blogs or websites that have a shared hosting plan in one large storage. That means a lot of people share some space with us.
That is why it is called shared hosting. Hey funny master, I don’t know how to name it.

What if you have more dedicated hosting?

Is in the name itself. So if we take this dedicated hosting we will be given a storage exclusively. We do not share this space with anyone. So the traffic got heavier and could not handle anything.


3 posting companies listed on WordPress official website.

  1. siteground
  2. bluehost
  3. dreamhost
    I have already used the siteground for my blog for over a year.


What I really like about the site is the interface. Be clean ui, easy to understand without any technical knowledge.
The siteground already provides hosting services to over 20 million websites.
Customer support is very good on the side ground.
I will write about my experience in more detail about the siteground in the next article.
Click here to find out the prices on the siteground.


Bluehost is also the officially recommended press hosting provider.
This hosting provides a free .com domain for one year.
Up time and customer support in Blues is also good.
It is also one of the most recommended hosting blogger.
Bluehost discount price Click here to find out.


The hosting service I am currently using is Hostgator.
One click cpanel launch.
Prices on Hostgator are also a bit reasonable.
Click here to find out the prices on Hostgator.

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Lastly Conclusion, Are the things to look for before buying a hosting a good price? As well as giving good customer support? What is the server uptime? Take a good hosting look at all of the above.
Your website speed also depends on the hosting you take. If you still have any doubts about hosting please mail to [email protected]
Note: – So it is best to choose a good hosting provider even if the price is a bit high.

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