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Sensex now gave a great lesson in 2019-20

Did you notice ever? How Sensex now gave a great lesson to all of us. Many people have their delusion that investing in the stock market is only a process of gambling. Till today they believe that investment in the stock market means spoiling of all invested money. If you study the history of Sensex of last year(2020), definitely you will be proven wrong. You may agree with me or not. But, your misconception regarding the share market will vanish out of your mind after reading this article “Sensex now gave a great lesson in 2019-20” till the end. It will help you to understand the market behavior.

How did all get a great lesson from the Sensex now? (from February-2020 to January-2021=One Year)

2020 might be the finest example in giving a great lesson to all to understand about the market. It is proven today that Investment in the stock market is the only option to get rich by doing nothing. In the long term, the stock market goes up. It is the golden rule of the market.

But some factors affect the market to drag it down while it is climbing. Those factors are temporary in nature and create a dip in the market. Wise and intelligent investors utilize that dip by putting all their money into an investment, while new investors exit themselves by booking losses due to fear of the market crash.

Analysis of Sensex from February 2020 to January 2021

Look at the image given below. A candlestick chart of Sensex in one year (February 2020 to January 2021).

sensex now

At the beginning of the year 2020, everything was looking very nice in all aspects. Markets all over the World were maintaining their upward trend. Almost all indices were trading at their peak. But all of a sudden a shocking news got viral about Covid-19. That pandemic situation destroyed the mood of the stock markets. A sharp falling graph was created by all the indices in every corner of the world. All of them started falling from the 3rd week of February 2020. No single Indice witnessed to sustain that pandemic Covid-19. During this period, the following dramatic changes take place in the BSE Sensex.

  • On13th February 2020, made a high of 42,273.87
  • Sharply Declined and on 24th March 2020, made a dip at 25,638.90.
  • Today on 13th January 2021, made a peak at 49,759.19
  • 3-2, i.e. Today’s peak- the earlier dip=24,390.29 points,


Sensex almost doubled in 10 months, i.e. From 24th March 2020 to 13th January 2021. Point to note here that many corners of the world are still under the condition of lockdown and till today the pandemic Covid is not controlled.

The pandemic situation tempted many investors to exit from the market booking losses. Which lead to the Sensex crass. And it declined sharply, created a dip at a low point of 25,638.90. But smart investors utilized that dip and invested their money wisely. Today Sensex is at a lifetime high of 49,759.19 points which is almost doubled within 10 months duration after its crass. Many of the stocks got doubled and tripled during this period.

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